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How to Make Soda Can Bows/Ornaments

December 12, 2012


My continuing exploration of using empty soda cans in crafty ways has led me to making soda can bows/ornaments. Making them is really easy and takes just a few minutes per bow/ornament.

Start by cutting off the tops of your cans.


Then trim up the tops (the one on the left has been trimmed; the one on the right has not).


Next, using a utility scissors, cut strips down the sides of your cans. I cut mine into about 1/4″ to 1/3″ strips. Also, CUT AN EVEN NUMBER OF STRIPS.


Using a 1/4″ dowel or the barrel of a pen, start winding dow the strips. (The print will be on the OUTSIDE of your wind-up, if you get me.)


Continue winding all the strips down. When you’re done, your can should look something like this:


Then unwind the curls a bit, ‘fluffing’ them up. I fluffed mine so they would alternate. You can used them as bows on packages or ornaments on trees. Oh, and if you’re worried about the aluminum being ‘pokey,’ don’t. The bows are surprisingly supple. LOVE THEM!!!


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  1. December 17, 2012 11:07 am

    I’ve made these often using tin and roof flashing but never thought about soda cans! I actually love the bits of color! And great idea to curl the bits on a pencil! Really makes a difference as soda cans are not exactly prone to curling like tin does!

    Beautiful job! i love how your have turned out!! AND they can be displayed outdoors!

    • Jo permalink*
      December 17, 2012 11:52 am

      Thanks! Love recycling those soda cans and, yes, PERFECT for outdoors. :)


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