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Backdoor Makeover

December 4, 2012

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 9.18.16 AM

Sweetie and I have had a love/hate relationship with our backdoor for as long as we’ve lived in our house. We love that it’s solid wood. We hate that is a vast, flat slab. Finally, we decided to do something about it and give it some MUCH needed architectural interest. Before we get down to it, an apology.  Somehow I lost the original ‘before’. Too quick with the delete button, I’m guessing. But be that as it may, the above picture is the outside of the door, which–trust me–looked exactly like the inside. Blah.

First we scrounged around our collection of scraps and found a 1/4″ sheet of plywood. Sweetie cut sections to frame out the door, which he nailed on versus nailed and glued just in case we didn’t like the outcome. (It’s always nice to have an ‘out.’) That way we could easily remove the panels.


Because of the thickness the plywood added to the door, he had to cut around the hinges. Here’s a close-up of what that looks like (I had the hinges taped and the door reading for priming):


Then I took over and primed the whole she-bang. I decided to go with the same paint color we have on the walls. I applied two coats of that. Because it is an eggshell finish, I also applied two coats of waterbase, satin poly to make the finish much more durable. Here’s what our backdoor looks like now!

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 9.19.10 AM

We love, love, LOVE it. The panels have given it dimension and, therefore, architectural interest. Here’s another shot from a slightly different angle:


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