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DIY iPad + Keyboard Portfolio

November 5, 2012

Have you ever set out to try to make something SURE that it would be a complete failure? I did when I started to make my iPad + Keyboard portfolio.

I take both my iPad and my Apple bluetooth keyboard to my favorite local coffee shop every Saturday morning to meet with my writer’s group. Both get lost in my laptop case, so they needed a case of their very own. I decided to buy a half a yard of pre-quilted fabric and play around to see what I could come up with.

I wanted a basic case with a front pocket for the keyboard. So that’s where I started, manipulating the right and wrong sides of the fabric to get a design I liked.

After that was done, I decided the case needed a highlight on its opening, so I used some of the fabric to make a band. Around this time, I figured a buttoned tab was necessary to keep my keyboard snug in its pocket, so I made that, slipping it under the band before sewing around.


By the time I had made the button hole, I realized this thing just might be more than a prototype. It was turning out!! 


Lastly, I decided the bag needed handles, so they went on last. I just sewed them inside to the band. Next time, I’d incorporate them INTO the band, of course, to make it look a bit more finished inside. I must say, through the entire process, I did hear Tim Gunn’s voice in my head saying, “Make it work.”


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