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Bench Makeover–OR Painting Upholstered Furniture with Behr House Paint

September 30, 2015


So Sweetie Pie and I built this bench ages ago. I think I’ve reupholstered it 3 times since its birth. After buying a new sofa for the “family room” the old faux suede had to go. I wasn’t relishing the notion of reupholstering the bench for the 4th time, so I decided to paint it. I wanted to match the paint to a particular green in a pillow that I had found at Pier 1. That meant color matching. I decided to take a chance and have the paint people at Home Depot match Read more…

How to Make a Gunky Glue Gun Look Like New Again–Really!

September 11, 2015


Even new glue guns can go gunky fast. Besides the glue, paper, feather bits, beads, whatever you’re gluing seems to get stuck on them too making them particularly embarrassing if featuring them in a blog post. BUT, with a little elbow grease and some everyday household items, we can get our guns looking like Read more…

DIY Steampunk Box, Tim Holtz Style

June 10, 2014

photo 1

I was in the need of a small wooden box, so, of course, I asked SweetiePie if he’d make one for me. He gave me that look–you know that look, the one says ‘yes, but must I?’–so I decided to look for an unfinished one at the craft store. I found a set of two at Michaels. The largest of the pair would work, so I nabbed them. And then the fun started. (Pictured above is the smaller box of the set.)

I removed all the hardware and put a coat of Danish oil Read more…


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